Enjy Heshmat


Visual Artist 
Favorite Marisol Piece: Sunflower Skirt (Summer '20 Collection)

Enjy in the Sunflower Dress

Enjy created this piece inspired by the Sunflower Dress

Enjy's second piece inspired by the Sunflower Dress

What inspires you to create? 

Anything out of the ordinary be it a lusty emotion, an odd composition, a peculiar person, place or even just an outfit. These things move me and I feel most creative when I’m moved or sometimes provoked. Also, time to myself... I could be amidst all of the things I just mentioned but my brain won’t register it until I’m somewhere I’m comfortable with enough time to reflect on what I’ve just seen and/ or felt. 

What quote do you live by?

I don’t think I’ve ever lived by one quote but as of recently it’s been, ‘صباح الفل’ which literally translates to ‘a morning of sampaguita’. In practice it means good morning but I use it in a laid back manner implying whatever it is we were just discussing doesn’t matter. I’m learning to diverge away from nitpicking and having meaningless infuriating conversation. I think it’s important during times like these to know when to exert your energy and otherwise, to just relax.

What’s on the top of your bucket list?

So so so many things all of equal importance, I can’t pick. I want to get on top of creating and developing myself as an artist and as a brand, to travel alone overseas to a country I’ve never been before and finally do the splits/ hold a handstand. 

What brings you the greatest joy?

My friends, especially the funny ones! Also checking things off my to-do list! I feel so anxious when I have commission work on hold, a lot to do for my 9-5 and a busy personal life - but I sleep so well when I check them all off, it’s incredible. And lastly, the summer, the moment I’ve exercised, eaten, showered and ready for a post beach nap.

 What’s the last piece of art you created?

A sketch of two of my friends on a very chilled morning. It had minimal detail and a pastel palette - my favorite!

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