Naila Marei

Visual Artist & Musician
Favorite Marisol Piece: Lily Skirt (Summer '20 Collection)

Naila's drawing inspired by the Lily skirt

Naila in the Lily skirt

What inspires you to create?

I’m inspired by everything I see I guess. Subconsciously I think I absorb shape, colour ,texture and dimensions from the world around me and I subconsciously bring them out in my artwork. I don’t think I’m that inspired by any certain theme or subject its just something natural that happens. What inspires me theoretically is a subject that I’m passionate about. A lot of my subjects are about society, societal norms, societal pressures and things I try to sweetly mock because I don’t believe in them. I try to bring forward topics that I think should be discussed so that my artwork can possibly spark healthy conversation about things that aren’t conversed enough about

What quote do you live by?

“Attack life, its going to kill you anyway”. I think it sums up my journey as a human being or my intention, my aim and my goal because I don’t believe in living safe or living boring. I believe in finding safety in adventure and finding logic and security in risk. I believe in feeling life and experimenting with it to the fullest because we only have one shot to do it so its always best to discover and unlock all your potentials as opposed to living a very dull life where you’re only accessing one platform of yourself. Why not see all the colours of the rainbow rather than just seeing one or two.

What’s on the top of your bucket list?

To go live in Colombia again for a longer period of time and become fluent in Spanish. I also want to make more music so possibly collaborate with some talented musicians and create some more funky music

What brings you the greatest joy?

Babies, puppies, kittens and molokheya. I like the honesty of kids and babies, I feel they’re untainted, untouched and super honest and transparent and blunt which is a breath of fresh air because we’re all surrounded by those who’ve been taught to be a certain way which might very far from who they actually are. Kittens and dogs are just so cute and molokheya just makes my soul happy.

What’s the last piece of art you created?

A sticker design for a coffee truck which I really like. It’s an illustration of scattered people doing different things around the beach; someone tanning, someone eating Freska, someone playing racket and its very cute and cartoony buts its one of my favorite pieces so far.




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